LORDS OF DOGWOOD is an online music, culture, and entertainment magazine. The site was founded in 2013 by JJ Brewis and Melissa Dex Guzman. To contact the editor please email jjbrewis (at) gmail (dot) com.
JJ BREWIS is a writer and editor of all things music, pop culture, entertainment and art. He has worked for and contributed to such publications as IonThe Capilano Courier, and The Strand. You can follow his musings at jjbrewis.com
MELISSA DEX GUZMAN is a photojournalist shooting weddings and engagements by day; and e-sports and the rock and roll concert scene by night. She plays StarCraft as random. View more of her work over at melissadexguzman.ca
SHANNON ELLIOTT is a graphic artist and international high roller from Vancouver, BC. She loves rap and r’n’b and can frequently be found enjoying the many ratchet dance clubs of this fine city. Her work can be found online at shannonelliott.ca