Review: Meanr Mynr - "The Compound"

Review: Meanr Mynr – “The Compound”

“Open up your eyes,” repeats the opening minute or so of “Soul Out”, the lead frack from Meanr Mynr’s upcoming EP. Leading with a subtle,…

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Review: Daemon & Airdrie "China Shop" (single)

Review: Daemon & Airdrie “China Shop” (single)

It makes sense that a duo from Victoria, BC would be responsible for creating one of the most intimate pieces of music in recent memory….

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Review: D.G. Adams "The Old Heart"

Review: D.G. Adams “The Old Heart”

Folk always sounded better with a little bit of cynicism. No true folkie ever really revelled in a world without being a bit critical, and…

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Review: Sterile Jets - "No Gods No Loss"

Review: Sterile Jets – “No Gods No Loss”

Sometimes loudness is effective in accentuating pre-existing elements in music and helping them find their flavour. Other times though, turning the volume up to full…

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Review: The Long Dark Road - "Self-Titled"

Review: The Long Dark Road – “Self-Titled”

The Long Dark Road, a new project made up of established Toronto-based musicians coming together for the first time, is a new venture that will…

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Review: Andrew Goldring - "Cosmic Dance"

Review: Andrew Goldring – “Cosmic Dance”

Invoking elements of psychedelia, soft indie rock, and folk stylings, Andrew Goldring, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie artist, has seen comparisons to elite talents like…

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Review: The Psyatics - "Famous Monsters"

Review: The Psyatics – “Famous Monsters”

It’s loud. It’s outrageous. But it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Of course, punk rock was never necessarily subtle to begin with, and…

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Review: Tom Woodward "Beautiful Shadows"

Review: Tom Woodward “Beautiful Shadows”

Subtle and understated, Australian psych folk musician Tom Woodward has released one of the quietest masterpieces of the year. The upcoming Beautiful Shadows, a collection of…

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Review: King Ropes - "Dirt"

Review: King Ropes – “Dirt”

Bozeman, Montana may not be on your radar, but it does seem like a random enough of a location to produce gritty, Americana-laced indie/garage rock….

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