Review: Groupoem - "Dirt Church"

Review: Groupoem – “Dirt Church”

  I don’t really know who Groupoem is aimed at, but it probably isn’t anyone I’ve encountered. What the hell is this shit? In all…

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Review: Jacqui L - "PLANET PARALLEL 5"

Review: Jacqui L – “PLANET PARALLEL 5″

In all honesty, I did not think I was going to like Jacqui L’s Planet Parallel 5. On paper, it sounded like everything I don’t like:…

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Review: Unbeheld - "Dust"

Review: Unbeheld – “Dust”

Metal is typically a ‘love it or hate it’ genre. Those who connect with it do so in a big way. Those who don’t often…

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Review: Adam Winn - "Adam Winn EP"

Review: Adam Winn – “Adam Winn EP”

Without even knowing Adam Winn hails from a town with a population less than 20,000, it’d be easy to tell that this is an artist…

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Upcoming: Broadway Across Canada presents "The Phantom of the Opera"

Upcoming: Broadway Across Canada presents “The Phantom of the Opera”

July 12 – 23 Broadway Across Canada presents The Phantom of the Opera at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew…

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Review: Only A Visitor - "Lines"

Review: Only A Visitor – “Lines”

On Lines, Vancouver art pop quinter Only A Visitor carve out a new niche for Vancouver’s ever growing music scene. A refreshing step away from…

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Review: Michael P Cullen & the Soul Searchers - "Believer"

Review: Michael P Cullen & the Soul Searchers – “Believer”

“Believer” gives off Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen vibes right out of the gate. But the single from Sydney, Australia’s Michael P Cullen and The…

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Review: HundredMillionThousa​nd - "lp1"

Review: HundredMillionThousa​nd – “lp1″

Sometimes, artists whose music seems scattered are actually the most interesting. In the case of HundredMillionThousand and lp1, it’s a record that is as fascinating…

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Review: Meanr Mynr - "The Compound"

Review: Meanr Mynr – “The Compound”

“Open up your eyes,” repeats the opening minute or so of “Soul Out”, the lead frack from Meanr Mynr’s upcoming EP. Leading with a subtle,…

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