Review: Staring Into Nothing - "Power"

Review: Staring Into Nothing – “Power”

Power is an overused word, particularly in artistic output. But new trio Staring Into Nothing chose that word for good meaning, it seems, using it…

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A Look At Seattle's Jimi Hendrix Park

A Look At Seattle’s Jimi Hendrix Park

Jimi Hendrix is so closely associated with New York and London, some may forget he was born and largely grew up in Seattle. He formed…

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Review:  Jason Vitelli - "Head Above Tide"

Review: Jason Vitelli – “Head Above Tide”

Soft and soothing at one moment, then artsy and theatrical the next, Jason Vitelli’s Head Above Tide is a perfect foray into the singer-songwriter’s psyche. The…

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REVIEW: Les Techno - "Where Were You?"

REVIEW: Les Techno – “Where Were You?”

In just over three minutes, you can feel like you’re in the ’80s again. Not in that uber poppy, super MTV-ready way. But in the…

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Review: Henry Metal - "Metal O' Clock"

Review: Henry Metal – “Metal O’ Clock”

It’s a bit cheesy, a bit typical, and definitely something we’ve heard before. But, hell, if Henry Metal isn’t a whole lot of fun. On…

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Review:  	Geoff Gibbons - "Buffalo Hotel"

Review: Geoff Gibbons – “Buffalo Hotel”

It doesn’t take long into Geoff Gibbons’ Buffalo Hotel before it feels like this is the long long John Denver album that never saw the…

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Review: D.G. Adams - "Vegas"

Review: D.G. Adams – “Vegas”

“Terror from the 32nd floor / still don’t know what he was fighting for,” begins “Vegas”, the new single from Vancouver folk artist D.G. Adams….

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Review: Sleep Science - "Sounds of the Underground"

Review: Sleep Science – “Sounds of the Underground”

Moments into “Sounds of the Underground”, the new single from Vancouver rock trio Sleep Science, it’s evident these guys are legit. Pulling from big name…

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Review: Groupoem - "Dirt Church"

Review: Groupoem – “Dirt Church”

  I don’t really know who Groupoem is aimed at, but it probably isn’t anyone I’ve encountered. What the hell is this shit? In all…

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