Review: King Ropes - "Dirt"

Review: King Ropes – “Dirt”

Bozeman, Montana may not be on your radar, but it does seem like a random enough of a location to produce gritty, Americana-laced indie/garage rock….

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Review: Echo Texture - "Inter-Sting"

Review: Echo Texture – “Inter-Sting”

With decent playing at its core and a subtle return to shoegaze intricacies, it’s no wonder that Seattle, Washington’s Echo Texture is invoking major ’90s…

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Review: Matt Chanway - "Self Titled"

Review: Matt Chanway – “Self Titled”

Just moments into Matt Chanway’s self-titled EP, it’s evident that the talent and energy are abundant, and in full force. After setting the tone right…

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Review: Gentoo - "Structures"

Review: Gentoo – “Structures”

Zzzzzzzz. That’s what you’ll be feeling about five minutes into Gentoo’s Structures, the new release from the ambient electronic Dallas, Texas musician. The entire thing feels…

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Review: Thorin Loeks "Thirsty Hearts"

Review: Thorin Loeks “Thirsty Hearts”

Indie folk singer Thorin Loeks sounds wise beyond his years, but that may be attributed to his powerful, immersive voice. Taking cues from Gordon Lightfoot…

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Review: Mr. Stee - "Searching"

Review: Mr. Stee – “Searching”

Passion is evident even from the ethereal, spatial introduction on Mr. Stee’s Searching. The just-released chilled out “instrumental hip hop” release sees a local artist on the…

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Review: FLAUNT - "The Antics of More Youthful Times"

Review: FLAUNT – “The Antics of More Youthful Times”

Sometimes it is possible to judge a book by its cover. Well, an album at least. American indie collective FLAUNT’s cover for their upcoming EP…

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Review: Matt Townsend - "The Drifter and the Dream part 1"

Review: Matt Townsend – “The Drifter and the Dream part 1″

There’s a way to inspire people that’s more heartfelt than reposting a news article on social media and more meaningful than complaining to your colleagues around the…

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Review: no:carrier "Broken Rainbow"

Review: no:carrier “Broken Rainbow”

Somewhere in the shadow of Evanescence and Seether, new artists are still emerging creating music in those bands’ style. Why? Well, I’m not really sure….

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