Review: Cirque Du Soleil's "KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities"

Review: Cirque Du Soleil’s “KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities”

Fans of Cirque Du Soleil have come to expect a certain level of quality from the company. With a long standing tradition of combining physical capability with artistic prowess, Cirque Du Soleil has become one of if not the go to sources for entertainment organizations in the world.Having created three dozen separate shows under their artistic umbrella in their thirty plus year legacy, Cirque Du Soleil have seemingly done it all. With touring presentations rolling through Vancouver every couple of years like clockwork, it leaves a question as to whether or not audience members have seen it all.

After viewing Kurios, I can firmly say that the company still has new tricks up their sleeve, and their ability to dazzle and surprise is still fresh and exciting as it ever was.

Kurios is a relatively new show for Cirque, debuting only three years ago. The show has toured throughout North America to rave reviews, and after witnessing Kurios firsthand, it truly does live up to the hype.

The show has no weak links, and sticks to its steampunk theme quite well while delivering jaw dropping physical manoeuvres over the course of several hours. Like any Cirque production, the main goal here is to tell a story while drawing the audience in with a series of impressive physical feats.

Kurios is no stranger to this concept, and tells its narrative very well. The entire audience of the Grand Chapiteau is transported to another world set in the 1800s, where a zany inventor’s world is unraveled in a way that explores themes of curiosity, magic, and wonderment.

Cirque describes Kurios as “a tribute to the power of human imagination,” and it’s actually very hard to think of a better way to describe a production such as this that hones in so well on its vision and pulls it off with such poise and precision. Artistic integrity seems to be the key here, with a series of acts that all deliver with such a well manifested collection of honed skills.

We have comedy, emotion, skill, and romance all tied in to one body of work. The individual acts themselves are hard to single out because they are all so beautiful and mesmerizing. If I had to pick an absolute favourite of the bunch, it would have to be the contortion act that sees a group of artists bending in a formation on a massive rotating metal mechanical hand platform. Unbelievable.

Each element of Kurios adds to the show, and there is truly nothing gratuituous. This is a hard feat to pull off considering how many bells and whistles are at play here. We have a live band, vocalists, lighting, stage magic, the actual performers of each act, and an entire technical crew busy pulling strings to create one magical production. It is would impossible to pick the weakest link because there really is nothing wrong here. Kurios is a flawless production– it’s a love letter to the art of performance.

Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities runs through December 31 at Pacific Concord Place in Vancouver.
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Photo: Martin Girard / Costumes: Philippe Guillotel  © 2014 Cirque du Soleil