Review: Dyro at Celebrities Nightclub

Review: Dyro at Celebrities Nightclub

It’s Friday night and the moon is light. But indoors, Vancouverites are getting lit and dancing their asses off at famed hot spot Celebrities Nightclub. The killer club has been host to some of the most notable DJs in the world, and this night was no different. On this occassion, Dutch DJ Jordy van Egmond, better known as DYRO, would be impressing audiences with a late night set that was one for the books.

Earlier in the evening, Marcus James and Adam Pearce produced equally stunning sets that had the crowd in full dance mode as soon as the doors opened. Pearce in particular was invigorating to witness as he used his opening slot as well as the headliner himself.

Pearce’s set leaned into some modern pop and EDM classics with a cohesive element that made the entire set his own, with flourishes of twinkling and glitchy moments that held all the music together like a strong hold glue.

When DYRO hit the stage right at his predicted set time, he wasted absolutely no time getting the party started. The 25-year-old EDM guru brought in elements of trap, drum and bass, house, and dubstep, into a set that was a little all over the place in its execution, but was perfect to dance and groove to, as proven evident by the busy crowd on the floor.

DYRO was fun to not only listen to, but to watch as well, churning out a set that sounded great to his fans and evidently to even the DJ himself. He grinned ear to ear for most of his set, keeping the mood light and the party energy up throughout the course of his lengthy set.

With the crowd getting wild to the odd pop party jam thrown in, most of the set was unrecognizable to those in the house not initiated into the EDM world. But that doesn’t mean even newcomers wouldn’t go all in during DYRO’s set. The music was loud, fun, and exciting, and elicited a must dance atmosphere that made for a really great Friday night. Vancouver, once in a while you prove yourself to be really goddamn fun. Thank goodness this was one of those times.

Hopefully DYRO had as much fun playing for this crowd as they had listening to it. If that is the case, he’ll be back in no time to deliver another solid set.