Review: Henry Metal – “Metal O’ Clock”


It’s a bit cheesy, a bit typical, and definitely something we’ve heard before. But, hell, if Henry Metal isn’t a whole lot of fun. On Metal O’ Clock, the band’s newest effort in a prolific string of releases, they continue the whirlwind, mile-a-minute musical endeavours.

On single “Thrash Your Head” we hear some majorly corny lines (“Get off of your candy ass / And soon begin to fucking thrash / Thrash your head”), but one must learn to take such details in stride when focusing on how the song actually sounds.

Because, on the flip side, there are some really fun, and impressive moments here as well. The guitar playing is seamless, soaring above the song at great heights with ease. Throughout the tracks it’s clearly the best element sonically. When it comes to a solo, the guitar becomes somehow both beautiful and wild simultaneously.

Music video for Henry Metal’s “Thrash Your Head” from Metal O’Clock

Metal is a fairly intimidating genre for outsiders, and there’s no doubt about that. But Henry Metal have created a fairly accessible turn here with Metal O’ Clock, a collection of tunes that are relentless in musicality, and big on infusing genre expectations while still remaining fairly inclusive to new listeners.

We have typical and standard metal elements like a boatloat of swear words, belting voices, and dark themes. But we also have music that verges on being catchy and (gasp) listenable. Are you going to find Henry Metal on the radio? Hell, no. But this isn’t your pretentious moody teen brother’s version of metal. This is something that can be enjoyed by a variety of subcultures and cross sections of people.

On “Odin” we hear the band get genuinely sing-songy on moments in between the gutteral throat yelping. Later, “Addicted To Junk” infuses drums and guitars dueling with one another but verges on classic rock in terms of vocal styles. It’s nice to hear someone do something different with this genre considering how constructed the lines are and how bands often colour so clearly within them.

It’s very clear that Henry Metal is made up of well trained musicians, but it’s also clear that this group are hellbent on having fun and doing something a little different as to not get bored with their own sound. The band’s video for “Thrash Your Head” is almost a send up of the genre entirely, featuring silly makeup and masks. Henry Metal aim to have fun, and sound good doing it.

Listen to Henry Metal’s Metal O’ Clock  below, courtesy of Henry Metal’s BandCamp page. Be sure to check out Henry Metal on FacebookInstagram, and SoundCloud.