Review: Lostboycrow at The Fox Cabaret

Review: Lostboycrow at The Fox Cabaret

He’s mysterious and seemed to just pop up essentially out of nowhere, but American pop/R&B singer LostBoyCrow has been slowly but surely building a fan base. With a smooth, creamy vocal and a penchant for catchy, unique melodies, he’s proven he’s got the talent and the pizazz that will help make him an artist to watch. Tonight, he would bring his Spin The Globe tour to Vancouver.

Taking the stage with his trademark flowing locks and donning a satin souvenir jacket, Lostboycrow and his band didn’t let the modest crowd at The Fox bother them. Instead, they gave their all throughout the whole performance. On this early, rainy Friday night, those in attendance were in for a real treat. With the intensity they were performing, you’d think they were playing a stadium rock show. Maybe this is their way of saying they’re ready for the opportunity when it eventually arises.

Lostboycrow has something that fans of pop have been looking for. His niche is a refreshing, character-laden version that strays just far enough away from the beaten path that it makes him a unique artist in a sea of sound-alikes. Quirky pop ditties that feature his striking voice are a great formula, and he brings in some interesting flourishes of dance, soul, and folk for a colourful blend.

This mixture works extremely well on record, with singles like “Where It All Goes” and “Talk Back To Me” reaching listeners searching for a new edge. But in a live form, would this busy yet cohesive mix live up to the studio cuts? Minutes into the set, it was evident that this music wouldn’t just translate well to a live setting, it would thrive.

Impressively, the songs sound just enough like the studio takes to identify them, but take on new life in a live setting. The live instrumentation really enhances Lostboycrow’s vocals, and when he sits down to plunk away at the keyboard, it makes for a magical performance.

Standout tracks like “Powers” (interpolated here with a stripped down vocal take on Kanye West’s ballad “Heartless”) and “If I Change” wowed the crowd. The latter featured a blazing guitar accompaniment that transformed the indie act into rock warriors for a moment. These big sonic moments would happen several times throughout the set.

The only disappointment of the show came during Lostboycrow’s best tune, “Stay A Little Longer”. The first time they got to the chorus, he turned the microphone to the crowd to let them sing the lyrics for him. But then he did this every time. Look, buddy, we showed up to hear you sing, not a sparse crowd who vaguely know the words.

But that brief blip was the only weak link in an otherwise impressive and standout set by an emerging artist clearly on the brink of something huge. Next time around, that crowd is surely going to be bigger and those who were at The Fox tonight will have some bragging rights in their pocket.