Review: Meanr Mynr – “The Compound”


“Open up your eyes,” repeats the opening minute or so of “Soul Out”, the lead frack from Meanr Mynr’s upcoming EP. Leading with a subtle, Top 40-level electro sound is a smart opener, but soon the track (and the EP as a whole) begin to take a sharp left turn. Here we have a trio of songs that would not be out of place in a Hollywood outer space film, filling the listener with cinematic visuals that might accompany such wildly exploratory soundscapes.

The livetronica/experimental hip-hop outfit from Denver, Colorado has seen comparisons to the likes of The Glitch Mob, El Ten Eleven, and Ratatat. But behind all of this layered, dance-inspiring sound is actually just one man: Reggie Sudduth II.

“Soul Out” is a brilliant introduction to Sudduth as a songwriter, performer, and creative entity. He establishes his oeuvre with glitchy, electro-infused hip-hop beats, adding in some pop leanings, trip-hop elements, and ultimately ends up doing his own thing by mixing all of these forces in a fun, chaotic mixture.

The fun part of Meanr Mynr’s tunes are how well rounded they are, taking the listener on a journey with a musical narrative that hits highs and lows, effectively communicating the journey through accessible, catchy tunes. All of this happens over the course of just three songs and, surprisingly “Open up your eyes” is the only lyric on the whole thing. How impressive that Sudduth manages to create such jams without even featuring pop stars or up and coming artists to sing overtop of his music. The fact is, he just doesn’t have to. With wild guitar playing and smooth production at this level, these songs work as is.

Later on, “Blasé” dials things a bit darker in tone, filled with ’80s-ready guitar riffs and a building sonic atmosphere that feels like it’s ready to accompany a listener on a long night drive to somewhere effectively epic. It has a bit of a repetitive, video game-laden quality to it, but breaks off at intervals for more interesting moments. Effectively, “Stay Up” should be a cool down piece used to add depth to this trifecta of musical excitement, but really, it turns things up full blast for a huge send off.

“Stay Up” is an extended guitar solo that sees Sudduth at his prime, appearing as a guitar god at the height of the EP’s excitement. It’d be fitting for the closing credits of a rock opera, for sure. But “Stay Up” is more of a firm reminder that Reggie Sudduth II is just getting started, already at peak musical form, and just finding his footing creatively.

The Compound is a brief work that displays prowess and showcases mad chops in the studio, but apparently Sudduth is a wild man in a live setting, and his sets have been applauded as must see spectacles for music lovers to relish in.

Listen below to Meanr Mynr’s The Compound EP, ahead of its May 19 2017 release, courtesy of Meanr Mynr’s BandCamp page. Be sure to check out Meanr Mynr’s official site as well as the group’s Facebook, SoundCloud and Twitter pages.